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The Hebrew Workshop is a private Hebrew school ("  Ulpan  “) located in Paris and Tel-Aviv.  We teach modern Hebrew with an emphasis on oral communication. Classes are held in small groups, allowing each student to participate in discussion in a relaxed atmosphere. The topics covered in class revolve around contemporary Israeli culture: music, poetry, TV series, newspaper articles... Our students learn Hebrew while discovering Israeli culture, which is intimately linked to it. This makes our courses perfectly suited for students who want to get by in Hebrew quickly to communicate and be independent in Israel.

The motivations of the students are diverse: some want to emigrate to Israel (to do their  Aliya  ”) or are thinking about it, others have an Israeli spouse, and others simply want to learn a new language or get to know Israeli society better.


L'accent est mis sur l'hébreu moderne et sur l'expression orale.​

Notre objectif principal est de renforcer votre confiance en vous de manière à ce que vous soyez capable de vous exprimer en hébreu à l'extérieur du cours. L'apprentissage englobe la lecture, l'écriture et surtout la communication orale. Nous pensons qu'apprendre l'hébreu est une chose agréable et que c'est également une opportunité d'apprendre à connaître la culture israélienne. Nous utiliserons des textes, des chansons ainsi que des extraits vidéo comme supports dans nos discussions sur la culture et sur l'actualité israéliennes. Nous ferons également de courtes excursions hors de la salle de classe afin d'apprendre du vocabulaire utile. 

Nous travaillons avec un manuel de travail édité par nos soins.

​Nous mettons l’accent sur la dimension vivante de l’enseignement de la langue dans la relation avec nos étudiants. Nous souhaitons que vous viviez pleinement la langue que vous apprenez! La langue est avant tout une culture et nous souhaitons vous faire découvrir la musique, le cinéma, la littérature de toute une culture israélienne grâce à la langue.

Roni  Geffen-Landa, Director of the Atelier and in charge of the Franbreu class

Founder and director of the Ulpan, Roni Geffen-Landa is  teacher of Hebrew as a foreign language,  graduated from the University of Jerusalem.  Having a long experience in teaching Hebrew to all  levels, for 12 years she gave group and individual lessons in schools  of Hebrew (Ulpanim). She opened her Ulpan in Paris in July 2014 and teaches  recently at INALCO (National Institute of Oriental Languages).

Roni Geffen is also a director and works on  several projects of  documentaries  in Paris and Tel Aviv.

Noémie Dahan, in charge of the Franbreu class 

Singer, French teacher and  Director of the creative agency NOOM Agency  Noemie, 33 years old  lives in Tel Aviv. Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Communication and Hebrew,  she teaches French in Israel in various language schools and  works as a coach with actors and singers.

Gali Katsir, in charge of the course on Israeli cinema

Gali Katsir has years of experience teaching Hebrew as a foreign language. She works with students of all ages, new immigrant classes  and helps students prepare for the Hebrew University entrance exam (Test Yael).  

Gali speaks Hebrew, French, English and a little Arabic, she obtained her degree in linguistics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Along with her great love for Hebrew and for languages in general, she is passionate about  cinema and Israeli cinema in particular.


Maya Michaeli, Lecturer, in charge of the course "Les  Hebrews" around Hebrew literature

She finished her doctorate three years ago under the joint direction of Sciences Po and the University of Tel Aviv.  

She lived four and a half years in Paris and taught Hebrew in different settings. For the past two years she has been working on the writing and development of academic courses at the Open University where she is a Lecturer.
She is also a translator, (academic writings and literature) and writes literary reviews, essays, prose and articles.

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