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Do you want to practice your Hebrew while watching Israeli documentaries and talking about the Israeli society?

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Join Watch & Talk Hebrew - A Hebrew course with a focus on Israeli documentaries
- Intermediate and advanced level -
Organized by
L'Atelier de L'Hébreu

In collaboration with the Docaviv Festival

The largest international documentary film festival in Israel

Online Course

Tuesdays from

7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

(Local time in Israel)

Juin 07th - July 19th 2022

When and where? 

How much does it cost? 

650 NIS + 250 NIS

(Registration Fee)

185 EUR + 70 EUR (Registration Fee) 

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A short description of the course:  

  • We will watch six documentary films in Docaviv Film Festival or online (at a reduced price).

  • Seven sessions (on line), discussing the films in the context of the Israeli society, in Hebrew.

  • As part of the sessions we will meet some film creators.

  • You will read, write and interact with other course participants in a WhatsApp group.


The films we are going to watch deal with key issues in Israeli society: 

The BENEFITS of participating in this activity

Practice Hebrew by speaking! 

Your motivation is the key to your success in Hebrew. Talk in Hebrew about things that interest you. We will learn together a new vocabulary in order to understand the films and talk about them.

The course will allow you to practice your conversation skills in Hebrew. 

Learn in a small group! 

You will learn in small group, 6-10 students per class. The intimacy of a small group makes it possible to learn in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, where you feel comfortable to make mistakes and try again.

Our approach will allow you to rapidly improve your Hebrew skills.

Discover Israeli society and culture!

The films curated for the courses deal with key issues in contemporary Israeli society such as: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, immigration, the inter-Jewish ethnic divide, the Holocaust, and more.

During the class we will us the films as a basis for a broad discussion about those subjects.  

Discover Israeli society by watching and discussing Israeli documentaries.


L'atelier de l'Hebreu 

This Hebrew course will be given by Roni Geffen, founder, director of L'atelier de l'Hébreu (The Hebrew workshop) and a documentary filmmaker. 


 Roni Geffen founded the Atelier de l'Hébreu in Paris in 2014. The school focuses on conversational skills in Hebrew and allows an in-depth knowledge of Israeli culture ,


Roni has developed an innovative format - FRANBREU - based on language exchange between Israelis learning French and French learning Hebrew.


She has also taught in recognized institutions in France - including INALCO, HEC.


Roni Geffen holds a teaching degree in Hebrew from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a bachelor's degree in sociology and communication from the Hebrew University and a master's degree in Israeli cinema from Tel Aviv University. As a documentary filmmaker, she directed the films "Divine Daycare", "Transparent Black" and "Dear Sister". The films have been screened at festivals around the world.

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"Nothing to change. The method is good. I am not yet fluent in Hebrew but I find my progress incredible. I learned a new vocabulary and I am able to chat with Israelis. Thank you Roni."

Gary. Mr.

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