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Hebrew Literature,

in the footsteps of the "Hebrews"

"The Hebrews" is a new initiative bringing together a series of documentary, artistic and poetic films on the writers and authors of Hebrew literature. The course offers guided support to help you watch and understand the films, discussions-conferences around the film, the biography of the authors, and more broadly the poetic, ideological, historical and personal dimension of Hebrew literature.

The course allows you to deepen and expand your vocabulary and oral expression in Hebrew.
Israeli authors, literature researchers, musicians, directors will intervene during the various sessions.

Maya Michaeli, Speaker  

She finished her doctorate three years ago under the joint direction of Sciences Po and the University of Tel Aviv.  

She lived four and a half years in Paris and taught Hebrew in different settings. For the past two years she has been working on the writing and development of academic courses at the Open University where she is a Lecturer.
She is also a translator, (academic writings and literature) and writes literary reviews, essays, prose and articles.

the lesson

"The Hebrews"

“The Hebrews” is a laboratory dedicated to documentary creation addressing the lives of the main poets and writers of Jewish and Hebrew culture. The project initiated by Yair Qedar ten years ago invites renowned directors to create films combining biographical stories, textual works adapted to the big screen, original music, independent animated films.  So far 14 films have been created by 10 directors, 15 cameramen, 22  graphic designers and designers, 26 musicians and other artists. 12 of them were awarded and broadcast in front of hundreds of thousands of people.



  • 6 weekly sessions of 1h30

Sunday from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. 
First course:  07.06

  • Price for 10 sessions: €240 + €80  ( registration fee +  free access to the 14  films of the series “The Hebrews”  with English subtitles) for one year.

  • The course will open with a minimum of 6 students. It is limited to 10 participants.

  • Payment is to be paid in advance via our site, a refund is possible up to 24 hours after the first session (registration fees are not refunded).

  •   It is possible to pay in 2 instalments.


  • To reserve your place in the course proceed to payment by pressing the button below:

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Thank you, we'll get back to you very soon!

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