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Great Beginners

This course is aimed at complete beginners. We will learn the Hebrew alphabet, present tense, and basic vocabulary. The students will practice everyday Hebrew during short conversations, and will address topics such as, for example, introducing themselves, ordering in a restaurant, orienting themselves in a city, etc. We will also learn some songs and deepen our Hebrew basics during short city trips.

Fake  Beginners

This course is for beginners who are already beginning to read and write. We will improve our speaking, writing and reading skills while learning everyday Hebrew. Students will learn new vocabulary and improve their grammar through texts and music from Israeli culture.


We will continue to improve our oral and written practical Hebrew as well as our reading using past and future tenses. We will confront Israeli culture through conversations, music and excerpts from films and TV shows.


These courses are intended for advanced students who wish to improve their knowledge of Hebrew orally, in writing and in reading. We will read texts and articles, we will watch news and various video clips. We will also practice Hebrew during excursions in Paris. The difference between Bet and Gimel is the level of texts. (reading and listening)

Level estimate

At the time of your registration, we will ask you to fill in this document, to give us an idea of your level in Hebrew. This is not an entrance exam, the objective is simply to place you in the course best suited to your level.

Please print this document, fill it in with a pen, take a picture of it with your mobile and send it back to us by email at

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