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What is the Franbreu course?

A simultaneous French / Hebrew language course on Zoom: the French learn Hebrew and the Israelis learn French.  

A 1h40 lesson once a week:

  • 1 hour of theoretical lessons (French and Israeli students separated)
  • 40 minutes of conversation in French / Israeli duets

In the second part of the course dedicated to conversation between students, you become a mediator of your mother tongue! At the same time, the Hebrew and French teachers will move between the groups to guide the conversation.

The class is limited to 5 Israeli students and 5 French students.


French lessons are provided by  Noémie Dahan and Hebrew lessons by Roni Geffen.  

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Who is the course for?

3 levels:

  • A great beginner level 

  • A false beginner level, for students with a background and basic vocabulary in Hebrew or French. 

  • An intermediate/advanced level, for students who are fluent in the language and able to carry on an advanced level conversation.

We will determine your level together during a conversation in the language you wish to study at the time of your registration.

After 3 months, when you complete the course, you can move on to the next level.

A method

"I had my doubts about learning via zoom and the lesson method which is not traditional. Now that the lesson is over, I'm sure  that it's a learning method that suits me: a balance between grammar and conversation, an open community and funny and interesting discussion topics” 

Cecile, Paris

What is your teaching approach?

We emphasize oral expression, the goal being to feel comfortable in conversation while giving you solid theoretical foundations.

The 1st part, the language lesson , is built on a subject common to both groups, for example: colors, numbers, clothes, finding an apartment, etc. You acquire vocabulary and grammar skills with a textbook.  

In the 2nd part, the language exchange phase , you practice the vocabulary you have learned, half of the time in French and the other half in Hebrew. This phase takes place in small groups, which allows each student to participate in the discussion in a relaxed atmosphere.

Learning a new language also comes with cultural learning. We will thus discuss topical subjects together, we will introduce you to songs in French, films and Israeli or French series.

The language exchange is a great way to practice the language but also to meet new people.  

We of course encourage you to continue the conversations and meetings beyond the course and once the Corona is over, we hope to make these exchanges even more real!

Our students talk about the course: 


A complete course

12 sessions of 1 hour and 50 minutes
  +  50€  (Registration fees)  

  • A 10% discount will be granted to students who continue the courses of L'atelier de l'Hebreu

Linguistic exchange

12 sessions of 50 minutes

150€  +  50€  (Registration fees)  


15 sessions of 60 minutes, 15 hours in total

165€  +  50€  (Registration fees)  

FRANBREU students are invited to participate for free in the FRANBREU MUSICALE series - a series of 3 meetings with musicians who create in French and Hebrew - Noémie Dahan, Sivan Krechner and Anat Moshkovski. More details to come :)


1. Please complete the registration form:

2. payment:  

To make a payment by bank transfer, please download the attached bank details and send confirmation of the transfer by email to .

  • The course opens with a minimum of 8 students. 

  • Registration fees are non-refundable.

  • Full payment for the course is due 24 hours after the first class.

  • A 10% discount will be granted to students who continue FRANBREU courses

  • No refund is possible thereafter.


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